BatchIt!™ file splitting utility

Cut your text files down to size


BatchIt! is a file splitting application which allows you to create smaller text files from large ones. Why? Well, quite often very large text files are unwieldy, slow to process and can be simply unworkable in some situations, for example when importing data into other applications (such as The Raiser's Edge).

BatchIt! allows you to specify either the number of child text files you want from a parent file or the number of rows per child text file. BatchIt! is quick and very easy to use.

And best of all, BatchIt! is free!

  • Split one large text file into as many smaller files as you wish.
  • Specify the number of child files or their size.
  • Optionally, propagate field names from the parent file to child files.


Let's say you have a 101,000-line text file with column headers that you would like to split into files of 10,000 lines each and to replicate the column headers in each file.

Simply open the text file in BatchIt!, enter "10000 lines per Batch file", check the "Replicate header row in Batch files" option, and click 'Go!'. BatchIt! will create 10 files of 10,000 lines each and one file of 1,000 lines.

Alternatively, you could enter "10 Batch files" and BatchIt! will create 10 files of 10,100 lines each. It couldn't be much easier.

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