CustomSync™ for The Education Edge

Synchronize your Finalsite and Education Edge data directly from The Education Edge


CustomSync is a flexible data management application for The Education Edge which synchronizes your Education Edge and Finalsite data. It's available as a self-contained Education Edge plug-in and as a fully-automated Windows service (controlled from the plug-in).

CustomSync runs on a schedule that you choose, from hourly to monthly, executing one or more self-contained "Tasks" that you define. These custom-programmed Tasks are added to CustomSync's Task list. A single Task might, for example, update contact details from Finalsite to The Education Edge while another might add new user profiles to Finalsite as records are added to The Education Edge.

Tasks may be as simple or as complex as you wish and can transfer data from The Education Edge to Finalsite, from Finalsite to The Education Edge or bi-directionally.

The data that CustomSync synchronizes is completely up to you; CustomSync is essentially an application "shell" which is customized to your requirements.

Adding Tasks to CustomSync

Because few data synchronization requirements are exactly the same for each customer, Tasks are specifically created to your specifications. Development costs for CustomSync Tasks depend on the complexity of the specification. Should we already have an off-the-shelf Task which fits your needs, these can be added to CustomSync for a low fixed fee.

You can add as many Tasks to CustomSync as you wish, either at the time of purchase or later, as required.

Move to The Education Edge NXT at No Cost

It's well-known that Blackbaud has announced that it will retire The Financial/Education Edge as we know it within a few years and we intend to migrate CustomSync to the new NXT platforms. Current CustomSync customers will be entitled to the base installation of CustomSync for The Education Edge NXT at no charge. Please note, however, that any customized CustomSync Tasks are excluded unless there is no or minimal re-programming required.

This provides you with a low-risk migration path if you choose to adopt the next generation of Blackbaud´s Education Edge.

Support for Additional Learning Management Service providers

In addition to Finalsite, we are developing versions of CustomSync for Schoology and other Learning Management Systems. Best of all, once you're a CustomSync customer, you can move between supported providers at no additional base installation charge. (Task (re-)programming is not included.)

Development Partnerships

We're always looking for development partners whereby you get our software at a generous discount in return for assisting us to improve it.

If you have the time and expertise to liaise with us in testing new product features, we can provide CustomSync to you at a rock-bottom price. So get in touch and let's see what we can do together.

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CustomSync in action