Springbaud™ for The Raiser's Edge

Manage your email campaigns directly from The Raiser's Edge


Springbaud is a campaign list and result management application for The Raiser's Edge.

With Springbaud, you set up queries within The Raiser's Edge which contain the details you want to upload to your email marketing provider's account. These specially-named queries will appear in Springbaud. Simply select one, choose whether to upload data to a new or an existing list then click 'Upload' and you're done. Your list will be created – or updated – with all of the prerequisite details required to both send your campaign and to retrieve its results back into The Raiser's Edge. And Springbaud will work with any query type you throw at it; all it needs is an email address field.

Retrieving campaign results is even easier; just click 'Retrieve' and your results will be automatically added to The Raiser's Edge. Of course you also have the option of selecting a date range or individual campaigns for results retrieval. And you can fully configure how Springbaud records your campaign results in The Raiser's Edge as well.

Why Springbaud?

Springbaud offers seamless integration with The Raiser's Edge meaning that your campaign lists will be loaded directly into your email service provider's account. And your campaign results will be retrieved and added directly to The Raiser's Edge so your organization will always have an up-to-date picture of how your marketing campaigns are performing.

More reasons why Springbaud will work for your organization

  1. The most cost-effective email campaign management solution on the market.
  2. A single Springbaud license covers as many Raiser's Edge workstations/users as you like.
  3. The Raiser's Edge API Module is not required.
  4. Lists, clients, recipients and email volumes are limited only by your email service provider.
  5. Flexible configuration to suit your organization's data requirements.
  6. Choice of shared or separate configuration for multiple Springbaud installations.
  7. Free transfer between supported email marketing service providers.
  8. 14-day trial, fully-functional with your production Raiser's Edge data.
  9. Significant discounts available to registered non-profits and smaller educational institutions.
  10. On-going support and updates included with annual fee.

Supported Email Marketing Service Providers

Our aim is make Springbaud a uniform Raiser's Edge email management platform capable of interconnecting with the most popular email marketing service providers such as Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Marketo, Vertical Response, etc. In other words, when you change providers, you won't have to change the way you manage your campaign lists and results.

Currently, Springbaud supports Campaign Monitor and MailChimp. We expect to add additional providers in the coming months. And changing from one provider to another is FREE with Springbaud.

Development Partnerships

We're always looking for development partners whereby you get our software at a generous discount in return for assisting us to improve it.

If you have the time and expertise to liaise with us in testing new product features, we can provide Springbaud to you at a rock-bottom price. So get in touch and let's see what we can do together.

Try Springbaud free for 14 days

We provide Springbaud in a fully-functional state for you to try for 14 days.

We do this because we know that it takes time to decide whether an application is right for you and your organization. Install Springbaud for as many users as you like, set it up how you wish, send some campaigns and make sure you're happy. Then, when you're convinced that Springbaud will work for you, buy it. We think that's a pretty fair deal.

To try Springbaud with your production Raiser's Edge database, complete our trial request form and we'll send you a link to download Springbaud. During the trial period, Springbaud is fully-functional. After 14 days, unless a valid license key is entered, Springbaud will only work with the sample database.

More information

Important: If you haven't yet upgraded to version 3, please read through the FAQ first. Version 3 provides many improvements but there are some structural and work-flow differences which you should be aware of.

Because we receive quite a number of questions regarding this topic, please read our discussion paper "Why Springbaud Matches RE Records On Email Address" if you, too, have any questions in this area.

Springbaud in action

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Uploading to a new list