SKYLib.NET™ fast-tracks your Raiser's Edge NXT/Financial Edge NXT integration development

A universal .NET code library for the Blackbaud SKY API™


SKYLib.NET is a .NET code library which you add to your own application as a reference to handle all of your SKY API connectivity to The Raiser's Edge NXT and The Financial Edge NXT.

So in your own application, you just provide your SKY API credentials and then go right ahead and make any call to any SKY API endpoint.

With SKYLib, you can be up and running in minutes rather than after weeks of developing your own library. And we provide SKYLib.NET with a demonstration Visual Studio solution with both Visual Basic and C# example projects which you can explore, change and adapt.

SKYLib will always have the most up-to-date API endpoint functionality because it's updated whenever Blackbaud updates the SKY API. And SKYLib updates are free for current subscribers.

How To Use SKYLib.NET

Initially, you'll probably want to have a look at an existing, working application which uses SKYLib. So we've created a development kit; a demonstration Visual Studio solution – SKYLib.NET Demo – which has over 80 pre-configured API GET calls for both The Raiser's Edge and The Financial Edge NXT which are available via two Windows forms projects, one coded in C#, the other in Visual Basic.

We've also provided some example POST, PATCH and DELETE code – again, in both C# and Visual Basic – which will get you started creating and modifying Constituents, Actions, Projects, etc.

SKYLib demo

To use the demonstration solution:

  • Extract the file to your Visual Studio Project folder. (You may need to 'Unblock' the zip file if it's been embargoed by Windows.)
  • Open the solution in Visual Studio version 2013 or later. A solution upgrade may be required for later editions of Visual Studio.
  • Start debug for either the SKYLib.NET Demo C Sharp or SKYLib.NET Demo Visual Basic project, depending on your code base preferences.
  • Enter your SKY API credentials.
  • Select a Blackbaud product and an API Call (and enter an associated Call value if required).
  • Click 'Go!'
  • The API call will be made and the resulting data displayed in its raw format in the lower results pane.

From there you can either modify the demo code or adapt it to your own use in your own project, saving you many hours of development time.

Get the SKYLib.NET development kit now

You can get the SKYLib.NET code library and Visual Studio demonstration solution right now and be integrating your application with The Raiser's Edge NXT and/or The Financial Edge NXT today.

SKYLib.NET comes with a 30-day fully-functional trial.

SKYLib In Action

SKYLib API call selector