We have a range of off-the-shelf applications available, from plug-ins for The Raiser's Edge and The Finanical/Education Edge to our Blackbaud API connector, BBConnect, to BatchIt!, a free file-splitting utility.

Check back regularly as we expand on our range.

SKYLib.NET™ SKY API Code Library

A universal .NET code library for the Blackbaud SKY API™

SKYLib.NET is a .NET code library which you add to your own application as a reference to handle all of your SKY API connectivity to The Raiser's Edge NXT and The Financial Edge NXT.

Once you add SKYLib.NET to your Visual Studio .NET project and provide your SKY API credentials you can immediately make any call to any SKY API endpoint.

Find out more about SKYLib.NET.

Springbaud™ for The Raiser's Edge

Manage your email campaigns directly from The Raiser's Edge

Springbaud is our email management solution for The Raiser's Edge 7*. It installs as a plug-in and allows you to upload query data to your Email Service Provider lists and to retrieve campaign results directly into The Raiser's Edge.

Springbaud currently supports Campaign Monitor and MailChimp with additional ESPs - such as Marketo and Constant Contact - to be added in future.

Find out more about Springbaud.

* We expect to release a version of Springbaud for RE NXT during 2017.

CustomSync™ for The Education Edge

Synchronize your Finalsite and Education Edge data

With CustomSync, you can schedule custom data synchronization tasks to keep your Education Edge and Finalsite data up-to-date.

As the name implies, CustomSync provides a very high degree of flexibility; you define both the data that is synchronized as well as when the synchronization occurs, from hourly to monthly.

Find out more about CustomSync.

BBConnect™ for The Raiser's Edge and The Financial/Education Edge

Fully integrate applications with your Blackbaud data

When you need to interact with your Blackbaud data external to The Raiser's Edge and The Financial/Education Edge, you have traditionally needed one of the optional Blackbaud API modules.

BBConnect offers 100% API-compatible data connectivity for a fraction of the cost of the API modules.

We are able to provide this functionality as a certified Blackbaud Technology Partner; BBConnect complies with all Blackbaud licensing stipulations, so you can rest assured.

Find out more about BBConnect.

CustomHotKeys™ for The Raiser's Edge and The Financial/Education Edge

Flexible documentation access for your Blackbaud users

Have you ever wanted to serve up custom documentation to your Blackbaud users at the touch of a button? Now you can. And it's free.

CustomHotKeys lets you assign a function key of your choosing to open virtually type of document, from a simple text file to a web page.

You can even serve different documents to standard users and Supervisor-level users.

Find out more about CustomHotKeys.

BatchIt!™ file splitting utility

Cut your text files down to size

When you need to, for example, import large amounts of data into The Raiser's Edge, it's often desirable to batch the data into smaller files. BatchIt! is a file splitting application which does exactly that.

You specify either the number of files or the number of lines per file and BatchIt! does the rest.

And best of all, BatchIt! is free!

Find out more about BatchIt!.